Brand SLogan:Let every woman find herself in love and being loved.

URLAZH,a contemporary women’s clothing brand that deeply exploring the soft power of women’s spirituality nowadays.

URLAZH,with six individual letters,pronounces from a deeper emotional phrase - "You are Loved", which implies that love does not come from others,but from the depths of our hearts.The URLAZH women are not framed by age,identity, and external aesthetic standards.They are independent,confident, gentle and powerful,and true to selves.

Every color of URLAZH is like a ray of rainbow, unique and bright,healing the soul and brings the power of heal into life.Every inch of fabric is like soft cloud,gently touching the skin,allowing the body and mind to be truly released and stretched.Under the care of this "rainbow",every URLAZH woman can explore a new self in the most real and comfortable manner,and enjoy the simple happiness of life and the passion in her heart.